eminence skin care calgary

eminence skin care calgary

Not sure where to go to get some good advice about skin care or makeup?

Contact me for your FREE CONSULTATION today. debbie.maier@gmail.com

confused shopperGood Help is hard to find!

Good advice is only as good as the person you get it from!

A textbook is only good if you read it!

Practical procedures are only valid if followed!


Would you like some good, practical advice that I have read and tried to establish into  practical procedures that are easy enough for anybody to follow? Does washing, exfoliating, toning, masking and moisturizing sound all too complicated for you?

Allow me to teach you some simple skin care solutions that you can put into use every day to get your skin looking like you spent a fortune at the spa! That’s why I say “eminence” because it will have you feeling like you went above and beyond to achieve your beautiful skin. Nobody will know how much time or money you spent. I will teach you some tricks to help you achieve and maintain beautiful looking skin!

Mary Kay Skin Care products can help you attain that look!

Mary Kay Skin Care products are better than those drugstore brands and I can prove it to you!

Contact me for your FREE in-home demonstration today! No high pressure sales tactics, just honest, caring help!

Visit my online catalog at  www.marykay.ca/dmaier for complete product listing.

Mary Kay ! A step above the ordinary !

Great skin care and friendly, helpful advice <3

Eminence Skin Care by Debbie : )

Skin care and make up help available here!


Skin care know how

Do you understand the difference between a moisturizer and a serum ?

Some people get confused so I just wanted to write a little about some different products to hopefully help you.

Simply put a serum is lighter than a moisturizer and it delivers more specific targeted benefits.

Serum C is my favorite target solution from Mary Kay.

Timewise Replenishing Serum+C $65 44ml is the best in my opinion for refreshing the skin. The vitamins awaken the skin and act an an anti-oxidant to clear up blemish, age spots and lighten up your complexion. It is a must have for all skin types!

Timewise Even Complexion Essence,  Timewise Even Complexion Mask and Timewise Even Complexion Dark Spot Reducer are a powerhouse of lightening and spot reducing products that can be used in combination of other products or as a set. Any combination can be determined by the Consultant and Customers discretion. Prices range from $45  for 29ml – $26 for 85g

Timewise Night Restore and Recovery Complex is yet another serum that is available in two formulas, combination to oily or normal to dry. This product is targeted at age fighting while you sleep. You will awaken with fresher and softer skin. It is $45 for 50g

Timewise Repair Volu-Firm Set also has a serum with it. It is a lifting serum that has some of the benefits of all the other serum built into one. But it’s claim to fame is the “lifting properties”. It is $75 for 29g

With that said these items listed above are serums and not moisturizers. a moisturizer sill still need to be used morning and night. A moisturizer can be hydrating and yet not contain oils so even though one has combination to oily skin the moisturizer is still very important otherwise your skin will work over time trying to create oils and will actually over produce and therefore leave your skin too oily. If that sounds confusing then talk to me, sometimes it is easier to explain in person : )

So, for skin Lightening and to Even the Complexion Mary Kay has it covered. All at a reasonable price point and remember all products come with a Satisfaction Guarantee so you can feel confident with your product purchases always : )

Awaken your skins radiant potential. Call me for your FREE TRIAL of any of these serums today!

Skin Lightening, Complexion correction, Erasing age spots, Minimizing uneven complexions and minimizing hyper pigmentation are all areas that can be helped with the proper Mary Kay Serums. Call or email me today for your personalized in-home Consultation @ debbie.maier@gmail.com or .403.830.7485


Shop@home for your favorite Mary Kay Products Call me and I will come to your home for delivery, demo, make-over or just a coffee and some friendly skin care advice

Shop on line and you can pay by credit card and have FREE delivery city wide and preferred customer bonus’ too !


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